Isaiah 6



Text: Isaiah 6:1-10

Theme: There are several keys that must happen for us before we can truly surrender.


First of all, before getting into the message, we must understand the responsibility of the New Testament I

The Great Commission

Ambassadors for Christ

More labourers

Church planting


? What does it take for someone to surrender to serving the Lord?


I. You must see God for who He is (vv. 1-4)




U Until we see the Lord as worthy of our surrender we will not surrender


The reason that we are not convicted of our sins is because we are not convinced of the Lord's beauty and holiness.




II. You must see yourself for who you are (vv. 5-10)


Isaiah was born into a family of nobility – but God needed a preacher


U God didn’t need a perfect man, He needed a surrendered man