Celebrating 25 Years of Growth

Mt. Zion is growing!

Since its beginning in 1997, God has blessed us with both spiritual and physical growth. From meeting at the Porch and Rail Shoppes along Route 272 to our beautiful property on Denver Road, God has generously met our needs. The present congregation has become crowded in our current sanctuary space and classrooms and has sensed it is time to build. In November of 2019, a Capital Campaign to add new worship space and purchase the final 7 acres of our current tract was begun.

Inside the New Space


* Sanctuary/Multi-purpose space with seating for 299 worshipers

* Former sanctuary remodeled into foyer/fellowship space and four new classrooms

* Additional entrance into new foyer from parking lot

2nd Pic. 3D Color.png

Spacious New Sanctuary

The Phase 1 building addition will include 299 seats arranged in a semi-round design. Wide rows and aisles will make every seat comfortably accessible. This spacious sanctuary will allow the congregation to grow by welcoming guests and adding new members as God increases our number.

3rd Pic. Phase 1 Multi Purpose Sanctuary

Expanded Foyer and Classrooms

As the new worship space is completed, the current sanctuary will be renovated into an expanded foyer and four spacious classrooms. The new foyer may be accessed by a new entrance directly connected to the parking lot. The additional classrooms will allow most Sunday activities to occur under one roof. The expanded foyer will offer plenty of room for welcoming of guests and conversations.

4th Pic. Foyer.jpg

Banquet Seating Options

While the new sanctuary addition will be used primarily for worship, it will also accommodate banquet and conference occasions when tables may provide more appropriate seating options. When the congregation grows to the point of constructing a completely new church in Phase 2, this space can offer multi-purpose sports, recreational, and fellowship space for all ages. A Phase 2 plan has already been imagined and designed for when that day arrives.

5th Pic. Table And Chairs.jpg

Help us reach our $250,000 goal

As God guides, please consider a contribution to assist in reaching the Second Campaign Goal. We have determined that $250,000 is needed as we begin construction to jump start this project and create capital for the upcoming mortgage payments.