Acts 17 and 20

Opening verses: Acts 1:8; 13:1-5


What is the one point I am trying to get across? Our goal must remain to fulfill the Great Commission. This message gives us an understanding of how we should be involved in it



I. Sharing your faith with your community (Acts 17:1-8)


Paul on his second missionary journey is going to take the Gospel to Thessalonica. Although largely rejected and forced to leave for safety of his life, the seed of the Gospel was planted in Thessalonica and a Church was started


v. 2 Reasoned – To teach or to speak back and forth, to converse presenting reason


v. 3 Opening and alleging – he opened God’s Word and laid it down before them



II. Surrendering your life for your community (Acts 20:17-28)


Paul shared how he gave his life, with joy, for the people he tried to reach with the Gospel


Each one - reach one