Ephesians 4:25-29

Sanctification for a Christian is commanded, but what does it look like? (Eph 4:22-24)

Renewing the mind

Renew (Eph 4:23) - to give vitality to the mind, to make young (conscience)

Renew (Col 3:10) - to cause to grow up (maturity), to give strength and vigor

Renewing (Rom 12:2) - renovation, complete change for the better

To renew the mind you must get to the heart of why this sin is taking place

What sin is to be put off in Eph 4:25

Do all people lie for the same reason?

What are some of the reasons?

Notice, he doesn’t just say, “Stop lying!”  Why?

4 rules of communication

  1. Be honest (v. 25)
  2. Keep current (vv. 26, 27)
  3. Attack the problem, not the person (v. 29, 30)
  4. Act, don’t react (vv. 31, 32)