I was thinking about our SS lesson this morning and all we learn about God.   The story of creation isn’t really prominently about creation; it is about GodGod has universal knowledge (omniscience)Creation is a fundamental belief (Eccl 3:11)You can’t know everything that God created, but you can  know God through His creationGod created the world in six literal 24 hour days (Gen 1:31; Ex 20:11)Mankind has made numerous responses to creationAccept it (Heb 11:1, 2)Reject it (Rom 1:20-23)Corrupted it/Changed it (through theories) These are the most dangerous – they don’t reject God, but they twist and add to the narrative of what God has done. (This is done by those that believe in Him.)Gap Theory – There is a gap between Gen 1:1 & 2Day-Age Theory – a day w/ God is = 1,000 yrsTheistic Evolution – God created the world and evolution developed it