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Advanced Specifics seminars are designed to address specific problems that are prevalent in our churches today among women. These three-day seminars are only for women who have already attended the Basics seminar. The speaker will take the Scriptures and show how to find help with specific problems that are prevalent in our churches today among women.

Do you ever wonder what makes people behave the way they do and what brings about genuine change? Would you like to learn how to solve problems using Biblical principles? Do you have an interest in helpingothers through mentoring, teaching or

The Women Counseling Women seminars are designed to teach pastors’ wives,
missionary wives, women in ministry and those who simply want to learn more about
how to apply Biblical principles to women’s problems in practical ways and counsel
effectively. The Women Counseling Women program is ideally suited to women who serve in leadership positions in their church, or who are engaged in counseling, teaching, or mentoring. Any lady who teaches or assists others in their Christian walk will find the material invaluable. It will not only transform the way one deals with others—it will transform the way one deals with change on a personal level.

This seminar is the equivalent of a condensed one semester college level course. The power point lectures move very fast and include interactive study in small groups. Each student is provided with an extensive notebook that is used during the seminar. 

Anger and Chronic Bitterness
Alcohol and Drugs
Anxiety (Fear, Worry, Panic Attacks)
Depression and Discouragement


Notes Only

Lack of Discipline
Overcoming Sinful Habits

Murmuring and Complaining


Invitation and Altar Work
Assurance of Salvation
Serving God / Spiritual Apathy


Notes Only

Authority Issues—Function and Limitations

Handling Offenses Within the Church Family

Helping “Burned Out” Servants of God

Decision Making and the Will of God

Helping Others Develop Personal Devotions

Problems Involving Worldliness

Making Disciples (Who Is Caring for Our Women?)

Follow-up and Soul-winning


About our Speaker

Debi Pryde has taught and led various women’s ministries for over thirty years including seminar speaking, college-level teaching, Sunday school, soul-winning and visitation, counseling and discipleship, and Bible study groups. She is a certified Biblical counselor authoring books and resources which include Secrets of a Happy Heart, Happily Married, Why Am I So Angry, and Guiding Principles for the Biblical Counselor. Her greatest burden is to address the problems Christian women face today. Her greatest love is to minister to women who have a heart for their husband and children. Go to for more information about her family and ministry.