Exodus 18

7/5/2024-Sunday School

Lesson 1: Juggling Life and its Responsibilities

Text: Exodus 18

Theme: There are dangers in putting ministry before family.

Confusing your circles of obligations, responsibilities and concerns leads to several struggles:

1. Physical exhaustion

2. Emotional stress

3. Mental fatigue, confusion & depression

? Do you take on responsibilities w/o praying…?

? Do you start projects without finishing them?

? Do you take on responsibilities that you can’t finish any of them well?

? Do you have problems saying “no” to people?

? Are you a “people pleaser”?

? Do you frequently take on responsibilities while already knowing you aren’t fulfilling some of your responsibilities?

? Are you critical of others that don’t seem concerned with the things that concern you?

? Do you conclude that those who aren’t involved don’t even care?

? Do you try to multi-task when you are to be spending time with family? (men this is especially for you) This would include use of the phone, etc.

The Life, Ministry and Family of Moses

Moses seemed to have chosen ministry over family

In ministry we sometimes wrongly set ourselves up as if people need us – everything depends on u