Psalm 22



Text: Psalm 22

Theme: Strengthening your faith in God through His prophecies concerning His Son.


There are as many as 300 OT prophecies concerning Christ. Some of the most notable passages would be Isa 7, 53 & Psa 22 & 110 (quoted more than any other)

Edersheim says 456 verses prophesy concerning the life of Christ. Payne says it is 574


Nearly 30 passages (28) were prophecies fulfilled on the day of His crucifixion


One truth to understand about many prophecies, they had an immediate fulfillment as well as a future expectation


Psalms 22-24 has been called a trilogy of Psalms

Psalm 22 - The Good Shepherd CRUCIFIED for the sheep - Salvation - GRACE

Psalm 23 - The Great Shepherd CARING for the sheep - Sanctification - GUIDANCE

Psalm 24 - the Chief Shepherd COMING for the sheep - Glorification - GLORY


Possible outline: Humiliation of the Messiah vv. 1-21 Exaltation of the Messiah vv. 22-31


David writing nearly a 1000 years before the death of Christ describes parts of it in perfect detail


Psalm 22 records 12 prophecies concerning Christ’s death (vv. 1, 6-8, 14-16, 17 [2], 18, 31)



Kidner, "It is not a laps of faith, nor a broken relationship, but a cry of disorientation as God's familiar, protective presence is withdrawn and the enemy closes in."