Psalm 73



Lesson 7: Psalm 73 – Getting to the Heart

Text: Psalm 73

Theme: “Fleshing out” the sinful desires of our heart.


Jer 17:9 The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?


What Bible character was willing to sin in order to get it or willing to sin if he didn’t get it?



Illustration: A child is asked to clean up the toys. The child wants to play longer. Is that desire sinful?

A child might disobey in order to get it

A child might throw a tantrum if they don’t get it




Illustration: A pastor may desire to have more people attend Church. ? Is that desire sinful? What could cause that desire to become sinful?

? What sin might he commit in order to get it?



? What sin of omission might he commit in order to get it?



? What sin might he commit if he doesn’t get it?



? What would be a biblical way to strive to get it?



? What would be a biblical way to respond if he doesn’t get it?



LOOK AT THE CHART – Asaph admits to his (past) sin (Psa 73)

? What makes someone or something an idol?

You are believing you have to have something in order to be fulfilled OR you are trusting in something to fulfill you.








One of the keys is looking to see if your desires have become more than desires

I desire – You would like to have something that isn’t sinful

I demand – You demand to have it in order to be happy/fulfilled

“I MUST have it” “I HAVE to have it”

I judge – You judge someone because they are not meeting your expectations (ex. They don’t love me, they aren’t spiritual)

Playing the part of God and acting like the devil all at the same time

I punish – either deliberately or unconsciously you hurt or punish people for not giving you what you desire