Psalm 73

? What statements does he make about the wicked that are true (vv. 1-15)?



? What statements does Asaph make about the wicked that aren’t true (vv. 1-15)?



? What verses reveal the heart of Asaph?

? What does this reveal about Asaph’s THINKING?


I found what I thought were really key statements at the end of vv. 3 & 7 and all of vv. 13 & 14


We often make statements to people who are struggling that aren’t helpful or hope-filled


U Too often we respond to such comments with, “That isn’t true”. What should we ask?



In Christianity we need to have a kind of a “judge-free zone” – within reason. What do I mean by that?

To help someone with their thoughts and feelings we must allow them to express their thoughts and feelings without “jumping down their throat”


H - Hear

O – Observe (ask questions)

P – Prayer

E – Encourage w/ principles/promises