Psalms are prayers, but also songs & praise

The word “Psalms” comes from a Greek word which meant “a poem sung to musical accompaniment”


While our lives are so different, these Psalms are so relatable to us


Psalms has been called “the heart of the Bible” and is in the center of our Bible.


Five books of Psalms

Book Psalms Pentateuch Doxology

Book1 1-41 Genesis 41:13

Book 2 42-72 Exodus 72:18, 19

Book 3 73-89 Leviticus 89:52

Book 4 90-106 Numbers 106:48

Book 5 107-150 Deuteronomy 150:6

From these doxologies or benedictions we get the main theme for the book of Psalms: U Praising the Lord for evermore



Psalms is located in the poetry section of our Bible “library”

Hebrew poetry varies greatly from western poetry. Hebrew poetry is based primarily on parallelism, a name coined by Robert Lowth in the eighteen century.

Synonymous parallelism – the second line restates the first line (Psa 15:1; 24:1)

Antithetic parallelism – the second line contrasts the first line (Psa 37:9; 1:6)

Synthetic parallelism – the second line builds on the first line (Psa 1:1-3)



The writers – there are questions w/ some (over 1,000 yrs)

David – 75

Asaph – 12

Sons of Korah – 11

Solomon – 2 (72, 127)

Ethan, Heman, Moses – 1 (88, 89, 90 respectively)

Anonymous – 47