Matthew 18:27

 God’s grace in the midst of temptation

God is faithful to make a way of escape

God is faithful to forgive those that chose to sin

God by nature is forgiving  

Matt 18 the Lord had been teaching the disciples about restoration through forgiveness… (Matt. 18:21-27)    

I.    At the heart of forgiveness is love (v. 27)  

“…moved with compassion” – compassion is an expression of love. 

Forgiveness is an expression of love. 

Love is what leads us to forgive  

II.   At the heart of forgiveness is freedom (v. 27)        

What does forgiveness look like?

To remove the guilt (Zech 3:1-3)

To release from the penalty (Psa 32:2)

To no longer hold it against you (Jer 31:34)

To “put away” our sin (2 Sam 12:13)

To put it behind you (Isa 38:17)

To cast it away from us (Micah 7:18-19)

To separate it from us (Psa 103:12)

To cover or hide (Psa 32:1)

To blot out, cover, purge & wash (Psa 51)