Psalm 103:1-14

 Today, I want you to understand the nature of God when it comes to forgiveness

Also, I don’t want you to walk away forgiving yourself, but I want you to walk away from this message knowing God forgives you!  

Psalms to consider by way of introduction: Psalm 32:1-6; 86:5, 13, 15  

I.    God’s character is declared (Psa 103:1-10)  

Vv 1 & 2 are the middle two verses in the Bible        

II.   God’s merciful character is described (Psa 103:11-14)  

This Psalm illustrates God’s forgiveness in three ways          

There is one command repeated six times – “Bless” (kneeling for prayer and praise – worship)    

Let’s worship Him for the forgiveness He offers us – Let’s accept His forgiveness