2 Corinthians 8:7-11

2 Cor 8:7&8 Even though they were giving with God’s help it was giving them an opportunity to express and to prove their love. 

I.    Part of your giving is giving by grace (8:7)

Paul uses the Churches of Macedonia (that included Philippi) as examples who gave out of deep poverty – they gave by grace

II.   Part of your giving is giving out of love (8:8)

I mentioned that giving after all your bills are paid doesn’t require faith.  “Isn’t it kind of the same thing when I mentioned finding ways to cut back so that we can give more?”

I believe that when you give to missions God will help you (Phil 4:19), but I want part of my giving to missions to be simply sacrificial 

My “sacrifices” for missions and for seeing the lost have an opportunity to hear the Gospel is NOTHING compared to the sacrifice of Christ and the sacrifices of the missionaries

Laying up treasures in Heaven.  Will anyone be in Heaven because of your influence? (1 Cor 3:5-8)

Here is my advice (2 Cor 8:7-11)