Romans 9

 If I asked you, “What is the top thing that you would want to accomplish in your life” what would it be?  

In Christianity it is not that we lack passion, but the problem is that most of our passions are centered on self and not others  

In Romans 9 & 10 Paul shares his passionate desire to see his countrymen saved – and was willing to die for it  

Christ was willing to be separated from God for you    

Let’s try to understand the heart of Paul (Acts 9:6; 17:16, 17; 19:21; 20:24; 2 Timothy 4:6, 7          

What is your course?   

When was the last time you were burdened or broken for someone’s soul?  

When was the last time that you shared the Gospel with someone?  

Have you ever wept for a soul?  

Where do I start?