Romans 6:9-19

We often want to start with trying to serve the Lord while skipping
some of the early commands we are given

I. Recognize that sin no longer has dominion over you (Rom 6:9-
Reckon – to calculate, to add things together

The world lives before they die. Christians die before they live

We were, “Dead in trespasses and sins” (Eph 2:1)

We are now, dead to trespasses and sins”

II. Dethrone the monarch (sin) since it no longer has dominion
over you (Rom 6:12, 14)
Reign (P/A/Imp) – to reign or rule, to be king, to exercise power

III. Change your authority as you draw nigh to God (Rom 6:13, 19)
Yield – to be near, to stand next to, to present yourself before

Application: As temptation and sin present themselves…
Stop and Think – Sin no longer has dominion
Don’t allow sin and temptation to make decisions…
Don’t get near sin, but draw nigh to God