1 Peter 5

The Church is often referred to as a flock and the leader a shepherd
Peter speaks as one shepherd to another

What do we learn from vv. 1-4?
What to expect in a pastor
What to pray for in a pastor

The feeding and leading of a shepherd
1.    The key to pastoring is feeding/nourishing 

2.    The key to leading is being an example


The rebounding and recovery of a shepherd
How does God choose a shepherd for HIS FLOCK?  Are they perfect?  Are they the best people?

Peter an elder?  Peter an example?  What kind of an example is he?

Key passages: Matthew 16:21-23; 26:31-33, 73, 74; Acts 10:13, 14

Two Key Points:
God’s leaders are not perfect… both before and after becoming a pastor – God uses imperfect men

God chooses men who have experienced His grace… so they will be trophies and examples of His grace