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We are delighted to welcome the Thompson family back to Mt. Zion. Attached is a bio for the family.

Tim’s Biography

I was born in Petoskey, Michigan, to Pastor and Mrs. Larry Thompson. I have three brothers and one sister. We moved several times during my growing up years, living in Florida, Iowa, and Missouri. We loved what Dad did! Mom and Dad both are very dedicated Christians and servants of God. By God’s grace, they found a way to pass that same love for God to their children. I am very grateful for their unfailing love to us.

At an early age, I accepted Jesus Christ as my Savior. As long as I can remember, I have always wanted to be a preacher, and in 1997, began my studies in evangelism at Pensacola Christian College. In May 2001, I graduated from college, married my fiancé, Brittany Wilkes, and began working at the Bill Rice Ranch in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. In 2005, we began traveling full-time to churches all over the nation and in some foreign countries.

My hobbies outside of traveling and preaching are mostly active. I enjoy playing most sports and am a big fan of snow skiing and hiking.

Brittany’s Biography

Hello, I’m Brittany. I was born and reared in the small farm town of Reidsville, Georgia, and my parents are Tommy and Kathy Wilkes. Mom and Dad are both hard workers and dedicated Christians. My brother Brad and I were so blessed to be raised in a church where the Gospel was preached. I trusted Christ as Savior at the age of six and was baptized shortly thereafter.

In my early teen years, I completely surrendered my life to God while attending Venture of Faith Camp (Valdosta, GA) and began dedicating my summers to that ministry the following summer. Little did I realize what the Lord was preparing me for at the time, but it became abundantly clear when the Lord confirmed in my heart to attend Pensacola Christian College in 1997 and to pursue, along with my studies in Early Childhood Education and Sacred Piano, a place in one of its traveling ensembles. It was in auditions that I spotted a very handsome guy with the most contagious smile…my sweetheart, Tim, who was preparing to be an evangelist. We dated all throughout our college years and were married ten days after graduation on May 19, 2001. I love sharing my testimony, because as I reflect back, I see that the Lord perfectly orchestrated each of these details and prepared me for being the wife of an evangelist. I love traveling with my husband and three boys about 11 months out of the year to churches all over the United States. Truly, God has been so good to me!

Some of my favorite pastimes are gardening, cooking, and shopping for home decor. Piano, of course, is one of my main interests. There is nothing quite like sitting down to the piano after a long day and allowing the Holy Spirit to guide my thoughts and feelings through music. I have also had the privilege of writing several hymn arrangement books for intermediate and early advanced pianists and often arrange vocal pieces for solos, duets, quartets and choirs. It has been such a privilege to be in the service of and a child of the King!

Boys’ Biography

I’m Seth, and I am big brother to Samuel, Asher and Isaac. Together, we definitely bring adventure to this family! I was born July 11th, 2007, in Ohio, and my Mom and Dad came to the hospital especially for my birth. After several days at the hospital, we went home to Tennessee, and my adoption was finalized about a year after I was born, which was a very special day for us!

Samuel was born five years later on November 14, 2012. He enjoys music, sports (especially football), and history.  Reading and making new friends are his specialties.

Just two and a half years later, Asher was born on May 15, 2015. He seems to really enjoy karate, piano, and all things imaginary. You’ll find him playing original compositions on the piano most days.

Isaac, the newest member of the family, joined the crew on January 5, 2021. Currently, he is enamored with symphony music and can identify each instrument in the orchestra. When he’s not using a wooden spoon as a bow for his imaginary violin, he is kicking a soccer ball or shooting hoops on his mini basketball goal.

As for my enjoyments, I enjoy art and fishing. However, most of my extracurricular time is spent forging and making custom knives. I’m developing a business – The Traveling Forge – and currently taking orders.

My brothers and I enjoy traveling, living full-time in our RV, and meeting so many people in different churches around the country.   We are grateful that God has allowed us to serve Him in this way!