What did you learn about God through the book of Lamentations?   

Have you ever done a word study? 

Understanding a word can totally change your understanding of a passage.   

Example: Psa 119:145-148  

One of the professors where I went to college asked a very important question, What did the passage mean before you found it?  

The other approach is asking, “What does this mean to me?”   

What is the problem with asking that question?    

“Look for recurring themes and emphases, not just for devotional ‘nuggets’ of personal application. 

Seeing the big picture helps us focus on God’s larger design and bigger issues that are no less personal issues. 

The “nugget” approach lends itself to a subjective search for something to meet one’s perceived immediate needs.” 

You won’t understand the whole truth by reading half the verse  

You won’t understand the verse without knowing the context  

You won’t understand the verse without understanding the words