Proverbs 31:28-31

It could be discouraging to be compared to the virtuous woman of
Proverbs 31 (Prov 31:15-24)

Theme: I want to talk to you today about what God is looking for
in a mother
Did you know God is looking? Did you know He is noticing who
you are?

What is the key phrase in Proverbs 31:30?

A lady that worships God will search for God (Prov 1:29, 30; 2:1-5)
A virtuous woman not only worships the Lord, but also teachers
her children to worship

A lady that worships the Lord will trust the Lord (Prov 3:3-10)
Ladies, accomplishing what God wants you to accomplish you
must trust in the Lord

Application: What does this look like in your life?