At Mt Zion Baptist Church, we believe in the local church. God's desire for you is to be plugged in and active in a called out body of believers in your area.


However, from time to time, through sickness or distance, finding a local church can be hard. We at Mt. Zion do not want to take the place of your local church if you are not local to us, but if you feel led of the Lord to give to our ministry we are indeed grateful.

Members of MZBC can give tithe, offerings, Capital Campaign Funds, etc., at the link below on a one-time or recurring basis.

If you are not a member of MZBC we look at this as a love gift (offering), above your regular tithes.

Please do not allow us to come between you and your local church as your responsibility before God lies with them.

If God prompts you to give to our ministry please click to donate button above.